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A. What is BreathinK - please BREATHE with the whole body so the mind can feel and THINK.

The body feeling is sooo important and can fluctuate within the whole body... relaxing tense and stressed people.

B. Story of BreaThinK - as a short and partial biography

As a second grader, I learned how to learn from a wonderful old teacher, helping us in the afternoon. Sitting myself upright to a good and straight position before starting to learn, I had enough power to finish my homework well... in the end doing exams with no fault. As an 8-year old boy, I discussed with this conservative woman the spelling of "Bra" (in German)... and I could feel her stress, being stopped at the important moments where she needed more oxygen by her bra. So the positive (my good learning) and the negative (not being able to breathe at full power cause of bra) showed me the importance of the Breathing for the Thinking.
So from then on, I developed my body feeling with BreaThinK... and did it regularly to be more creative from age 13 on.
At 14, I walked over a bridge in Munich and as hundreds before, one man jumped down to death not too far from me. At a few meters from the bridge, the man seemed to try to fly like a bird... and turned to get back - sort of late; this pretty impressive experience perhaps led to my first books motto "Sometimes one does something one wont have wanted to have done." The following years, I "hunted" suicide-people there and talked and walked them away from the bridge, a pretty useful teen behavior. After a while, I could distinguish from my bike at dozens of meters the - usually relatively rich and about 2/3 male - suiciders, not exactly knowing what was wrong with them. Why did they do it? I asked others and myself - getting to the answer that they and basically nobody wants to kill oneself - but that everyone is terribly afraid of not getting oxygen, of not getting the next gasp to live on. So I understood that the tense back of the people really stopped their free flow of breathing,... and I developed counter-techniques to liven them up.
As with other aggro or depri situations, I opened my person fully to the other and "mirrored" their body feeling, accelerating their wellness and slowing their pain down. That worked best by simulating their breathing - sometimes also using a Stethoscope and especially listening to the voice of the people with true heart.
My wonderful private Teacher Reinhard Wallbrecher, after whom a primary school is named and who suffered and died of epileptics, also helped me to understand breathing as a way to find ones own energy and personal well-being.
Later on, studying and working in wonderful Israel and America, the inner/outer-equilibrium of air, heat and water became a true testing ground for my own respiratory competence, getting trained by tough work and ex-stuntmen in survival even under concentration-camp stress. Meeting many Holocaust-survivors, I understood how important a regular, disciplined and wonderful metabolism can be.
Back to (Ex)-Nazi-Germany, I did some extreme peace-work to stop political,... violence, in the end spending 14.000 hours also internationally with trying to get people into some ok behavior again. Main technique - stabilize their breath and give them subconscious hope to enjoy the next gasp instead of having to endure the next aggression wave.
The usual work procedure within outer special situations or mass events was 1. localization; 2. identification; 3. neutralization; 4. stabilizing of holocidal people - people who are either sui-cidal or homo-cidal, which in the end is pretty similar and seems to have a very similar breathing-anomaly. Straight Contracide interventions were done in the hundreds, together with unclear cases, attackers and others more than 1000, adding a rich special panorama to my about 80.000 interviews.
But longer than minutes or hours was the day-care for others amazingly inspirational to understand how important breathing is - first and foremost with babies of drugged or otherwise sick "parents". Having also prevented at about the last minute(s) one early-childhood death, I became experienced enough to breathe well myself and hope to enjoy it further on.
This personal pleasure became even more inspirational, when a few people tried to kill me and hurt my torso, hampering simple respiratory rhythm. So I got to understand how difficult for tense and a-sportive and shocked and agressive and depressive people might feel. Never having had much to work on my body other than extreme training, hopefully this gave me enough experience really to be able to feel the problems of others with enough compassion.
Some healing practitioning and learning from Western as Eastern health cultures enhanced my understanding - but I would love to learn much more, so please tell me my mistakes or present some further insights. Muchas Gracias, salomon

C. Some Ways to do BreaThinK -

1. Simple BreathinK: Standing and breathing - thats the easiest way to start it:
Breathe in and lift your inner body and arms up from the inside - inside up - to the heaven....
and breathe out sending the hands in a biiiig half-circle each till they meet down again... and do it again, please.
2. Shout BreathinK: Do it like 1. with hands after each other and some strong in- or out-breathing.
3. Star BreathinK: Do it like 2. with 6 stages of hand-belly-hand up and leg-breast-leg down.
4. Solid BreathinK: Do it like 1. with forming a roll up and down - good against big bellis ;).
5. Simultaneous BreathinK:
6. Symmetric BreathinK:
7. Sensitive BreaThink:
8. Soul BreaThinK:
9. Scientific BreaThinK:

D. Suggestions for BreaThink

E. Take Part, Learn... BreaThinK

F. The WebSite of BreaThinK, done by Salomon Zotter, neeeeeds your help:

BreathinK can and should become the movement for BREATHING & THINKING Movements to become one feeling and functioning unity - as part of SHOLAM

German version: AtemAnMut

GERMAN VERSION - Not really perfect Texts by Salomon Zotter

ATEM AN MUT: AtemAnMut ist die DEUTSCHE Version von BREATHINK

AtemAnMut ist eine ÜBUNG der ganzheitlichen Entspannung und Entwicklung zur Gesunden Persönlichkeit
GUTES ATMEN ist das Wichtigste: einfach EinAtmen und AusAtmen.
Beim EINATMEN stehend das Körpergefühl und die Hände in der Mitte von unten bis zum Himmel strecken - so als würde man eine Klarsichtfolie von sich wegdehnen: der ganze Körper dehnt sich bis an die Fingerspitzen.... und man voll geöffnet ist.
Beim Ausatmen im Kreis die Arme nach außen und unten senken - und den ganzen Körper und vor allem Rumpf wieder in sich zusammensinken lassen - und das Körpergefühl an den Kontakt zur Erde, die Fußsohlen, senken, bis diese fast brennen.... und man wieder voll geerdet ist.
Mit angenehmer, körpernaher, dezenter und lockerer Kleidung (also keine Krawatten, BHs, Sackos,..) gelingt das recht gut - und kann hoffentlich den ca. 70% holocial verspannten 20-Jährigen helfen, wieder mit Freude zu leben und alle Prüfungen des Lebens bis zum Ende mit Kraft gelingen zu lassen.
Bald gibts n Video - und Fragen bitte immer gerne an liebendig at gmail com. Danke :-)

MATRIXMENT - double-sided MANAGEment in a Matrix-Organization - in Deutsch

LIEBENDIG - lebendig und liebevoll

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